Give your scrap metal a new lease of life – and also get paid for it at Richmond Steel Recycling’s new Edmonton yard

Have you got scrap metal from a demolition project, a household item such as an old dishwasher or a car that you want to get rid of but aren’t quite sure what to do with?

Well, Richmond Steel Recycling will open its fifth steel recycling yard, within the city limits of Edmonton, Alberta, this fall, where we want to provide a facility for cleaning out scrap metal, saving items from landfill and also giving jobs to local people.

Our aims are to benefit you by paying for your junk and also to make our area more environmentally sustainable by turning that waste into brand new metal that can be used again, instead of putting it in a hole in the ground.

How does the yard work?

If it’s an old car you want to scrap, then we will take care of everything – from removing batteries and fluid to extracting all the ferrous metals, which are then sent to BC’s only shredder, located in Vancouver and owned by us, before it is recycled.

The process will be slightly different, but we will also take the recyclable metals from other household products, such as dishwashers and dryers, while you can bring in many other items, such as light gauge steel which is found in items such as side rails, walling and composite panels and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to bring your scrap metal in and our central location makes the yard accessible to the community and also customers from the oil fields.

Because our recycling center is in an industrial location, the roads are already designed for large trucks and traffic, meaning it will be easy for people with pickups who are renovating their homes or small businesses to visit us.

What are the benefits?

We have taken everything into account – including Edmonton’s cold temperatures and harsh weather.

Our set-up means you won’t be standing around getting cold but can drive inside the yard building to drop off ferrous and non-ferrous metals, where we can separate materials for you and weigh them.

And then when you leave, it will be along a quiet route, not crossing paths with big trucks coming the other way, carrying large amounts of metals.

Dollars in your pocket aside, there are many benefits from recycling – for example, it takes 80% less energy to make a new product by recycling a piece of copper than to produce the metal from ore taken straight from the ground.

This is because the work of refining the copper has already been done, with there no limit to the number of times you can recycle it – compared to plastic, for example, which loses its quality the more times you reprocess it.

Part of the community

Richmond Steel Recycling has global environmental standards, and our expectations are just as high when it comes to health and safety for employees, visitors and contractors.

We will also focus heavily on community engagement when we open our Edmonton yard, actively working to be the best neighbours we can.

We are excited to be part of the business community and are looking forward to collecting recyclable materials and working both with local people and businesses.

At Richmond Steel Recycling, we offer competitive prices for all types of scrap metal. If you are planning to sell your scrap metal, get a quote today.