End of Life Car Recycling

We Buy Cars at the End of Their Lives

Richmond Steel Recycling offers top dollar for all vehicles. We pay cash for your scrap car or truck, even if it doesn’t run. Have your cars recycled before they become a liability and get fair and competitive pricing today!

Automobiles (except purchased by Richmond Steel for vehicle depollution) must have the following removed prior to delivery: fluids (e.g., fuel, motor oil, coolant, refrigerant, hydraulic fluids) to the extent practicable or otherwise required by law, batteries, leaded battery cable ends, mercury convenience light switches, other mercury containing devices as required by law.

Do I need ownership papers to sell an automobile?

This is a must, as required by law and our Company policies.

Car Crushing for the Auto Industry

We also crush cars in bulk for the auto industry. Richmond Steel Recycling’s electronic scale ticket system ensure you’re getting the full value for the cars you recycle with us!

Thanks to our mobile car-crushing equipment, we are able to service individuals, municipalities and large auto yards no matter the location.

We pride ourselves in meeting Provincial and Federal environmental standards in our recycling practices.

Mobile Crushing Unit
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Scrap Acceptance Agreement

Save time by filling out and submitting our Scrap Acceptance Agreement online.
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