An unfiltered conversation with one of Richmond Steel Recyclings Veteran Employees

Welcome to the heart of Richmond Steel Recycling Ltd (RSR), where dedication isn’t just a word, it’s a legacy. In an era where loyalty is often fleeting, we take immense pride in our longstanding team members who have stood the test of time with us. Picture this: decades of dedication, unwavering commitment, and a profound understanding of what makes RSR not just a company, but a community. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such cornerstone of our organization: Richard Sotorschuk. With an impressive tenure of 22 years under his belt, Richard embodies the essence of loyalty and expertise that defines RSR. As we delve into Richard’s journey within our ranks, it’s a testament to the enduring bond between our team and the values we hold dear. Join us as we celebrate Richard’s invaluable contributions and delve deeper into his rich tapestry of experiences within Richmond Steel Recycling…

RSR asked: Tell us about your experience with the company so far. Years of work? Different positions?

Richard shared: I have been with the company for 22 years. Over the years I have been cross trained in all departments including torching, operating all equipment and working in non ferrous. RSR asked: Tell us about your team. How do you work together to achieve goals? Richard shared: We work really well together as a team with great communication.  Everyone in the yard makes it a fun work environment.  

RSR asked: What improvements have you seen within yourself after joining RSR?

Richard shared: I have become a better operator over the years on the shear as well as the material handler.

We asked: Who do you think is your biggest inspiration in our company?

Richard shared: HAHA he says me but we will leave this one blank

We asked: How have you grown professionally after joining our team?

Richard shared: RSR has encouraged exceptional customer service with people to keep them coming back.  We take a lot of pride in keeping the customer happy.

RSR asked: What resources and benefits do you like within the company?

Richard shared: I appreciate all of the training I have received in different areas of the operation. With my cross training, each day may be a little bit different based on the inbound and outbound shipping plans. I also appreciate the attention to safety that RSR instils.

Richard’s insights truly hit home, highlighting his dedication to always bettering himself and our team. His knack for nurturing strong customer relationships is nothing short of inspiring and absolutely crucial to our success. We couldn’t be prouder to have had Richard on board for a whopping 22 years! Richard, you’re not just a team member; you’re family. Congratulations on being in the spotlight this month—you’ve earned it! Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting updates from RSR. And to Richard, keep on being the rockstar you are!