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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A certificate of destruction (CoD) is a letter that states the metal item(s) that you brought to us have been destroyed for the purpose of re-melting and that it is not to be reused for its built-for-purpose. This formal documentation contains detailed information regarding the destruction of your materials and ensures that our shredding process has fully complied with all relevant local security laws.

This documentation helps to protect companies in the event of legal action or financial audits. Certificates of destruction also help prove that the scrap metal or other materials you shredded or destroyed were securely destroyed. Some examples of materials that require guarantee destruction include recalled products (product and part recalls typically require complete tracking and proof of destruction) and proprietary equipment (as a protective measure for companies with proprietary technology).

How we can help

Richmond Steel Recycling helps you break down metal items for re-melting and destroys it for you in its current form. We guarantee destruction for metal items such as recalled products, any proprietary technology or equipment, customs or law enforcement seized items, as well as anyone who needs detailed proof that the material was safely and securely destroyed.

After the material is destroyed, we provide you with a certificate of destruction.

For more information on guaranteed destruction or our certificates of destruction, call our experts at 604-803-4181 or visit one of our nearby locations.