Looking to Recycle Your Scrap Metal?

Richmond Steel Recycling accepts scrap metal drop-offs from the general public. There is no load too small or too large; we accept scrap metal loads of all sizes.

Richmond Steel Recycling now offers AFTER HOURS drop off for acceptable household appliances.

Please call 604-788-7056 to schedule an after hours drop off today!

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Why We Recycle Scrap Metals

Through recycling scrap metal, we can actively help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use less energy, and conserve natural resources. We reduce the amount of waste that otherwise would end up in landfills, especially electronic waste that could potentially create serious pollution risks due to its toxicity.

Certain scrap metals are scarce in the natural world, leading us to rely on resource mining in order to acquire more. Ore mining, in particular, can devastate natural habitats and create detrimental pollution. Recycling scrap metals can reduce mining and its effects, including the energy consumption required to mine.

Greenhouse gasses are one of our environment’s biggest threats, contributing to climate change. In recycling metal instead of mining for it and reducing the amount of energy required in mining, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Government of Canada, over 81% of emissions come from energy, and we are actively trying to reduce this.

In selling your scrap metal to us for cash, you are engaging in an environmentally-friendly practice while helping to keep the city green.

How to Prepare Your Scrap Metal Drop-Off

For those who are looking to drop off scrap metal, we do not require appointments. Visit our scrap yard within business hours, review what scrap metals we buy, and fill out our Scrap Acceptance Agreement in order to ensure that your scrap metal drop-off goes as smooth as possible. If you plan on dropping off more scrap metal in the future, you encourage you set up an account with us make the process even easier.

If you are a business and need to drop off your scrap metal, you are required to set up an account with an approved GST number.

For more information and for quotes, please visit one of our five locations.