Wrecked and crushed cars

We Buy End of Life Vehicles

Richmond Steel Recycling offers the most competitive price for all end of life vehicles (ELVs). Ageing vehicles can become a liability; have it recycled with Richmond Steel Recycling before that happens. 

Bring your car as is to any of our yards.

We are part of the Federal Switcheout Program and batteries will be properly recycled. For more information please quick here.

Please note that all automobiles sold to us are required by law to have their ownership papers. Absolutely no exceptions are allowed.

Please thoroughly read and fill out our Scrap Acceptance Agreement to ensure you meet our required standards for scrap acceptance.

Car Crushing for the Auto Industry

Richmond Steel Recycling also offers our mobile car crushing services for the automobile industry.

Automobiles are crushed to densify weight for transport. Vehicles to be crushed  must have the following removed prior to crushing:

  • Fluids (e.g., fuel, motor oil, coolant, refrigerant, hydraulic fluids)
  • Batteries
  • Leaded battery cable ends
  • Mercury convenience light switches
  • Other mercury-containing devices as required by law

Thanks to our mobile car-crushing equipment, we are able to serve auto dismantling yards, municipalities, and even individuals with large amounts of scrap cars, no matter the location.

Mobile Crushing Unit

We pride ourselves in meeting Provincial and Federal environmental standards in our recycling practices.

How Much Can I Receive for My Recycled Car?

Cars are paid for by weight at the current price per ton at the time, meaning that payment can vary. It is best to contact us for a more accurate quote.

Please note that Richmond Steel Recycling pays for cars by cheque and we do not sell parts.

How to Make an Appointment

Appointments do not need to be made to deliver your car. Please arrive during our operating hours with the aforementioned proper documentation to ensure that your car will be recycled. While we do not pick up cars that are to be recycled, we can recommend a local scrap car hauler  with whom we have an established relationship.

To learn more about our car recycling services, please contact our Automobile Industry Specialist today at 604-324-4656.