Scrap Acceptance Agreement

The following materials are prohibited from acceptance at Richmond Steel Recycling (RSR) Facilities, except by special arrangement with RSR.

  • Non-Recyclable Materials of any kind, including asphalt, concrete, debris, dirt, rags, tires, trash;

  • Non-Hazardous Free-flowing Liquids including water;

  • Hazardous Free-flowing Liquids including gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, hydraulic fluids, anti-freeze, oil, paint, anti-freeze or other lubricants or petroleum products, except as contained in whole cars RSR purchased for vehicle depollution;

  • Flammable and Combustible Materials;

  • Corrosive Materials such as soda ash or lead-acid batteries;

  • Radioactive Materials of any type (e.g., military scrap, medical scrap, thickness measuring devices);

  • Explosive Materials or potentially explosive materials of any type, such as munitions scrap (e.g., ammunition, shells);

  • Oil filters either crushed or whole.

  • Chemicals or Poisons in solid, powder, liquid, or gaseous form (e.g., fertilizers);

  • Infectious Materials (generally placed in red bags or marked by the “infectious” symbol); Or Bio Hazard

  • Pressurized Containers or Cylinders including propane tanks, compressed gas tanks, aerosol cans, or extinguishers, except if the cylinder has been certified as properly vented;
  • Closed Containers Formerly Containing Non-Hazardous Materials, including bulk storage tanks and process vessels;

  • Containers Formerly Containing Hazardous Materials including drums, bulk storage tanks, process vessels, paint cans and/or aerosol cans except if the containers are certified as empty per applicable law and cut open and can be inspected to verify that they are empty in accordance with Richmond Steel’s empty container requirements.

  • Any Materials Containing CFCs, HCFCs or Refrigerant Substitutes;

  • PCB-Containing Materials (e.g., capacitors, ballasts and transformers);

  • Asbestos–Containing Materials (ACM), such as pipe insulation or surfacing materials.

  • Mercury-Containing Materials (e.g. switches, fluorescent or mercury vapor lights/fixtures/bulbs, thermostats), except as contained in whole cars RSR purchased for vehicle depollution.

  • Cathode RayTubes (CRTs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or any device containing a CRT or LCD (e.g. computer monitor, laptop screen or television set), except at a designated Electronic Material receiving area.

  • Hazardous Waste – Any Material containing hazardous or toxic substances or wastes.

Requirements for Certain Commodities Accepted by Richmond Steel Recycling

  • Automobiles (except purchased by Richmond Steel for vehicle depollution) must have the following removed prior to delivery: fluids (e.g., fuel, motor oil, coolant, refrigerant, hydraulic fluids) to the extent practicable or otherwise required by law, batteries, leaded battery cable ends, mercury convenience light switches, other mercury containing devices as required by law.

  • Lead Acid Batteries are accepted at Richmond Steel facilities unless cracked, broken, burned or with missing caps.

  • Electronic Material – Unless approved in advance by the Commercial Manager.