For Bin Services please fill out our Bin Service Request Form or contact our Logistics Coordinator at 604-326-3257. Please find more information about our roll-off bins in our Bin Service page.

Trucking and Rail Services please contact our Transportation & Logistics Coordinator at 604-790-6859.

Yes, we can provide a Certificate of Destruction to any material that requires guaranteed destruction. This documentation helps to protect companies in the event of legal action or financial audits. Certificates of destruction also help prove that the scrap metal or other materials you shredded or destroyed were securely destroyed.

Yes, to avoid the purchase of stolen items, we require one piece of valid government-issued picture ID, the second piece of valid government-issued ID (no picture required) and proof of ownership to be presented when selling to us. All of our transactions strictly abide by the Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act in accordance with provincial regulation.

Yes, for industrial or commercial customers, we offer B-Bins, low Side Bins, High Sided Bins and more. All bins can conveniently be dropped off at your location. Please visit our Bin Service page for more information about availability or request a drop-off.

Yes, we accept all types of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs). We offer a convenient mobile car crushing services that will facilitate transportation to our yards no matter your location. We are also able to depollute cars in our scrap yards for those that want to bring the cars the way it is.  Please visit our Auto Recycling page to know more about how we can help you.

Yes, we accept most of the kitchen appliances, except refrigerators from the public that do not have the Freon removed by a certified source.  Please visit our Unacceptable Materials page or call your Local Facility to know more what materials cannot be recycled in our scrap yards.

We’re very transparent about our price. The value of the metal will vary, depending on the market value and conditions of the material. We strongly recommend keeping your scrap metal clean from non-metal objects, so we can reduce waste and pay more for your material. For most valuable metals, we can analyze a sample of your material and estimate a price before you bring it all to us.

Richmond Steel Recycling pays for non-ferrous scrap metals by cash or cheque. We offer competitive prices for scrap metal, depending on the volume, metal type, and local applicable laws. Pricing for scrap metal varies daily and depends on the type of metal you have to recycle.

Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not contain any iron. Unlike ferrous they are not magnetic. Non-ferrous metal are corrosion-resistant, lighter and more valuable than ferrous metals. To know more about non-ferrous metal please visit our NonFerrous Metal Recycling page.

Ferrous metals are metals mainly comprised of iron. Usually, they are heavier, stronger and more durable than non-ferrous metal. Because it contains iron, ferrous metal is always magnetic which makes them very useful for motor and electrical applications. To know more about ferrous metal please visit our Ferrous Metal Recycling page.

Our professionals can quickly identify what type of metal you have when you arrive at one of our facilities.

However, if you are still wondering what kind of scrap metal you have, we have prepared an article to help you: What type of metal do I have?

No appointments are needed to drop off your scrap metal at our recycling facilities. Please arrive during our operating hours with the aforementioned proper documentation to ensure that your scrap metal can be accepted and to be recycled.

We do not accept any material that can harm our people, community or the environment. We also do not accept scrap metal that we cannot confirm as legitimate, and we take precautions to ensure our business is conducted with strict ethical values. Please check our Unacceptable Materials page for more details.

We accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Check our page What We Buy for more details.

Richmond Steel Recycling’s main yard is located in Richmond BC and we are serving Western Canada, Alaska & Washington State. Visit one of the following locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

11760 Mitchell Road, Richmond, BC V6V 1V8

955 Ord Road, Kamloops, BC V2B 7B5

1004 Eastern Street, Prince George, BC V2N 2K8

9623 78th Street, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4J8

When visiting our scrap metals recycling facilities, please ensure that you have the appropriate ownership documentation for the scrap metal that you are selling, including:

  • one piece of valid government issued picture ID
  • a second piece of valid government issued ID (no picture required)
  • proof of ownership

Vehicles that carry scrap metal into our metal recycling facilities must have valid license plates. All of our transactions strictly abide by the Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act in accordance with provincial regulation.

Couldn’t find the answer to your question? We’ll be happy to help you. Write to us with your questions or call us at  +1 604-324-4656.