Demolition & On-Site Scrap Metal Recovery

Richmond Steel offers efficient commercial demolition services, metal collection and boneyard cleanup for projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

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Why Choose Richmond Steel

Stringent Safety Protocols

We begin each demolition with a comprehensive safety plan, and our crews are certified by multiple bodies including COR, Avetta, ISN and ComplyWorks.

Competitive Rates

Scrap metal is shipped directly to our integrated mill, eliminating intermediaries, ensuring you receive top dollar and maximum value on all materials recovered from your site.

Full Site Remediation

Hazardous material abatement, environmental remediation and complete structure removal ensure a thorough cleanup operation of your site.

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Our Demolition Services

Industrial Demolition

Richmond Steel Recycling specializes in demolition and deconstruction, eliminating unwanted structures, equipment, and facilities. Our highly skilled team specializes in projects in diverse sectors including mining, oil & gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure and forestry—to name a few.

We ensure your unique project’s success by supporting you from start to finish. We assist our clients in developing a comprehensive, customized plan that addresses safety, budget considerations, timelines, and minimizes operational downtime.

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Integrated Metals Recycling

As a trusted leader in the scrap metal recycling industry, you can trust us in the recovery of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Using the latest, most sophisticated technologies and industry-leading practices, we are able to provide highly efficient integrated metals recycling services.

Our advanced methods include wet mill processing, intensive screening, magnetic separation, reverse magnetics, shaker tables, and electronic color sorting. These techniques significantly minimize scrap metal loss and maximize recovered value from your demolition project.

Due to our strong reputation for unparalleled service and excellence, Richmond Steel Recycling is your go-to partner for achieving a greener and more efficient process in your demolition projects.

Let’s dive into your integrated metal recycling needs.

Machinery Recovery & Liquidation

We offer an all-encompassing asset management and recovery service tailored to streamline the recovery and resale process of your equipment. We take charge of all steps of the operation, including advertising on our specialized site, assisting with brokering the deal, and delivering funds to you.

Our main goal is allowing all our clients to have the time to focus on their core business. Richmond Steel’s dedicated resale team, enriched by long-standing industry connections, allow us to offer unparalleled asset management and recovery services. Our goal is simple: to support you in maximizing your returns while minimizing your effort.

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Our track record


Metric Tons Safely Recovered

We have over five decades of experience working with companies in the following industries:


Oil & Gas


Forest Industry


Power Generation


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When you hire Richmond Steel for field demolition services, you’ll work with a skilled team dedicated to the successful completion of your project.

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