At Richmond Steel Recycling (RSR), fostering effective communication with our valued employees is paramount to our success. We firmly believe that each employee’s unique perspective and voice contribute immeasurable value to our organization. In this employee spotlight, we shine a light on Jasnoor Shinger, our dedicated Inbound Material Controller, who has been an integral part of the RSR family for three years. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, Jasnoor brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role. Recently, our Human Resources team had the opportunity to sit down with Jasnoor to gain insights into his journey, experiences, and thoughts on his time at Richmond Steel Recycling. 

RSR asked: Tell us about your experience with the company so far. Years of work? Different positions?

Jasnoor shared: I have been working at RSR for 3 years holding 2 positions during that time. Having been a scale operator at Richmond Steel, my experience has been dynamic and fulfilling. Managing the weigh-ins for incoming materials is a crucial aspect of our recycling process. Each day brings new opportunities to contribute to sustainable practices, and I value the collaborative environment and shared commitment to our mission. I am currently working inside the yard as the ferrous inbound material controller, making sure that activities on the receiving pad are executed safely and efficiently.

RSR asked: Tell us about your team. How do you work together to achieve goals?

Jasnoor shared: I work with a highly collaborative team that emphasizes effective communication and leveraging each member’s strengths. Our coordinated efforts and shared dedication contribute to achieving our goals efficiently.

RSR asked: What improvements have you seen within yourself after joining RSR?

Jasnoor shared: Since joining RSR, I’ve seen notable growth in my skills and communication. The varied tasks as a scale operator have improved my problem-solving abilities, and working with a dedicated team has polished my communication skills.

RSR asked: Who do you think is your biggest inspiration in our company?

Jasnoor shared: In our company, I really look up to Raymond Li. His hard work and leadership inspire me. Learning from his experiences has been something that has actually helped me shape my own approach to work, his ability to navigate challenges is something I’d like to see in myself one day.

RSR asked: How have you grown professionally after joining our team?

Jasnoor shared: Since joining the team, my professional growth has been significant. Managing diverse tasks and roles has enhanced my problem-solving and efficiency skills. Overall, it’s been a journey of continuous learning and development, contributing significantly to my growth within the company.

RSR asked: What resources and benefits do you like within the company?

Jasnoor shared: I appreciate the company’s resources and benefits. The training has been invaluable, and the supportive work environment contributes to a more efficient workflow. Additionally, the health and wellness benefits ensure that I feel taken care of both personally and professionally.

In closing, Jasnoor Shinger’s journey at Richmond Steel Recycling exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative, supportive work culture. Through his dedication and growth, Jasnoor embodies the values we hold dear – from effective communication and teamwork to continuous learning and development. As we continue to prioritize our employees’ voices and experiences, we remain steadfast in our mission to uphold sustainable practices and drive excellence in the recycling industry. Jasnoor’s story serves as a testament to the opportunities for growth and fulfillment that await within our organization, and we look forward to supporting the continued success of all our team members at Richmond Steel Recycling!