Richmond Steel is nothing without it’s people. Their thoughts and feelings are of the utmost importance to us.

What has been your experience with our company? Years of work? Different positions?

I have been with Richmond Steel for over 11 years, I have worn many hats over the years and continue to do so.  I come to the company with much admin and logistic experience, but absolutely no metal recycling knowledge, the first while was an eye opener let’s just say. I started as a scale operator/office admin and it grew from there, working in an outlying yard gave me the freedom and opportunity to take on many roles and responsibilities, and continue to do so.  I am now in a regional administration role supporting all the outlying yards as well as our OOY projects. 

How is your team?

My team members of course have changed and grown over the years, but key members have remained consistent. I consider my team as family members, we share in not only work related but also share in the personal moments as well. It is nice to have those connections to be able to celebrate not only work achievements but personal ones as well.

What improvements have you seen within yourself after joining RSR?

The knowledge that I have now vs. when I started is vast, over the years I have been granted the opportunity and participation to be involved in all areas of the business and has given me the ability and confidence to be diverse and handle new challenges as they arise.

Who do you think is your biggest inspiration in our company?

Inspirations have been the people that have given me the freedom and support to learn and grow within the company.  Doug Hallson has been the most inspirational, he is always there to make sure that “I am not selling myself short” his faith in me has always been a huge inspiration, Geoff Salton for the encouragement and always being there and  Kelly Brown for being my work “husband” that inspires (tests) me daily J

How have you grown professionally after joining our team?

Wow, how have I grown, I would have to say that my confidence has been the biggest growth, at the beginning there were many second guessing moments, now with the knowledge and experience that I have gained I continue forward with the confidence to take on any new challenges that arise and continue to prepare me for greater responsibility.

What resources and benefits do you like within the company?

I would have to say the greatest benefit is that RSR is willing to let people grow and advance within ourselves, the opportunity is there to continually learn and take on challenges. The members of upper management are willing to allow that growth and help in any way to achieve success not only for the individual but for the company dynamic as well.